AHU has gone through quite a few changes this year starting with the passing of the owner and founder James H. Cashion Jr. in April. We had a temporary shut down to think about how to proceed and his widow JoEllen Cashion decided to keep his legacy alive but with a few positive changes.

First of all we moved from that oversized office in busy Downtown Ft Worth and down the road to a more comfy office on Malvey Ave.

Secondly, since the ACA enrollment is about to start up on November 1st and we will still continue to pay agents earned commissions for the Blue Cross products. However, we have decided to look into a new direction with Medicare Supplements and other Supplemental Policies. Are you an agent that needs to add that to your portfolio? Just shoot us an email at or pick up the phone and call us at 800.772.2355. We have several top rate contracts to offer you.

Lastly, we at American Health Underwriters are still here answering your questions and solving problems for our agents and customers.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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